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8 Lessons from Philemon

Philemon received a letter from the Apostle Paul asking him for a favor.  That favor may have been to release his slave, Onesimus, or perhaps at least to send him to Paul as a companion.  We don’t learn much about … Continue reading

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What is True Peace?

Peace, to many, is simply the absence of conflict.  When a war ceases, we have peace.  In life, some people are content with life if it is free from a fight.  They think they have peace, but peace should be … Continue reading

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Is Slavery Supported in the Bible?

The Bible tells stories of many people with slaves.  Wealth was often measured by the amount of slaves a person had.  In twenty-first century consciousness we have a strong image of slavery.  It usually involves the subjugation of the black … Continue reading

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Three Essential Elements in Persuading Others

With cultural divides growing wider and deeper, it is best to know how to effectively talk through disagreement.  One common strategy is to pretend everyone in the room agrees.  Another strategy is to insist no-one really knows much of anything.  … Continue reading

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Hints for Harmony in the Home

Home life can be more stressful than life outside.  The people in the home know us so well, they can push our buttons, treat us with contempt, or even become enemies.  All this when the people in the home are … Continue reading

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How to Stand Firm in Your Convictions

It’s time for big transitions.  One big change is leaving home and going to a new town for work or college.  Starting new projects with new teams is another.  In these times of transition we need to engage with new … Continue reading

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Six Qualities of a Love-filled Life

To be loving is the aspiration of many people across the world.  What markers show a person to be loving?  Here are six to begin with.  You can use them to evaluate the health of your own love.  You can … Continue reading

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Why Is the Phrase ‘In Christ’ Important?

If we claim to be a Christian, we claim to be ‘in Christ.’  Our roots are in Christ and so we are built up and strengthened by him.  Jesus called us to be branches abiding in the vine – He … Continue reading

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How Can Suffering Be Good?

Many of us are ease and comfort junkies.  We want a little time on the recliner in front of the T.V.  Maybe it’s to watch World of Dance, or maybe it’s to see if Liverpool can topple Manchester City in … Continue reading


How Is Jesus Greater than Angels?

 In the ancient world people had a high regard for angels.  In the town of Colossae the regard for angels was particularly high.  Because Colossians looked to angels so much, their view of Jesus might have been obscured.  This led … Continue reading

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