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 Sunrise view from our room over the Lake of Galilee.Teaching about Dan from Judges 18 – the site of the altar that Israel worshiped idols and the calf at is behind me. Our group walks up to the city gates at … Continue reading

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We Traveled out into the middle of the Lake of Galilee and had a worship service by roping our boats together.we went to Capernaum and talked about Peter’s house, the synagogue, the miracles that Jesus did.However, it wasn’t about the … Continue reading

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Dead Sea to GalileeKelli and I flew into Tel Aviv without much bother.  We met our guide Francis and she took us through Philistia to the Dead Sea.  We went ‘swimming’ the Dead Sea and ran six miles.  It was … Continue reading

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Politics (Moody Forum)

I am not a Communist.  I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I am not a Fascist.  My views do not rest neatly in any area of the political spectrum because I am a Christian.  I look … Continue reading