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Genesis 37 – 47

Hope that you all had a good Thanksgiving.  I almost got to the end of Genesis.  Tomorrow will be my last reading in Genesis.  Things that are terrible can work for good.  The life of Joseph illustrates this.  What his … Continue reading

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Genesis 32:1 – 32:20

If I told you you had a math test in 20 minutes, what would you do?  That’s when many people find religion.  For Jacob it was no different.  The only difference was that instead of facing a math test he … Continue reading

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Genesis 29:1 – 31:55

Why can’t people see that the ones who drive them most crazy are the ones who are most like themselves?  My grandmother would cross her arms and then pout her lips as she told you with disgust the things my … Continue reading

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Genesis 28: 1-22

Jacob makes a deal with God. God is gracious and works with Jacob at this time.  However, if Jacob thinks that he has God wrapped around his little finger he is sorely mistaken.  Jacob is being transformed from a deceitful, … Continue reading

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Genesis 25:19 – 27:46

 When we have an account of someone in Genesis – ‘This is the account of’ – it is actually an account of their children.  Now we have another obstacle to the blessing that God has promised Abraham.  This is the … Continue reading

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Genesis 23:1 – 25:18

Abraham now gains land in Canaan.  Just a little bit, but the promise is coming to fruition.  The event that brings this about is Sarah’s death.  Isn’t it strange how God sometimes works through our hardest times to bring about … Continue reading

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Genesis 22

What was Abraham thinking when God told him to sacrafice his son?  What was God thinking?  I have often said that he tested Abraham’s faith?  However, God knows everything.  If that is true, he knew that Abraham was going to … Continue reading

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Genesis 20 – 21

Sarah is now fertile.  That means that Abraham can’t travel around claiming that she is his sister and let Abimelech sleep with her.  The blessing of Abraham is under threat again.  How would we know whose seed has blossomed if … Continue reading

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Genesis 18:16 – 19:38

Sodomite.  Sodomy.  The name of the city of Sodom has become a word for anal sex.  However, the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was not isolated to one night where men wanted to have anal sex with Lot’s angelic guests.  … Continue reading

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Genesis 16:1 – 18:15

Yesterday we saw how Lot was an obstacle to God blessing Abram with land.  God removed the obstacle.  Today we see another potential obstacle to the blessing.  By reading the text as it stands, we might think that Abram believed … Continue reading