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Bold Reminder

My grandmother would tell you exactly what she thought.  If you didn’t want to hear it, she would tell you where you could go.  Although more tact could have been employed, you knew where you stood.  If we can navigate … Continue reading

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God Solves Conflict

We look for ways to serve others to show God’s goodness, but somehow the way forward does not seem clear.  This has been true in my own home where my wife has wanted to spend more on a new house … Continue reading

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Jesus Did Not Please Himself

To not think first about pleasing ourselves is counter-cultural.  For all those who discern the will of God by ease and comfort it is a slap in the face. In difficult situations the stronger person can more easily give up … Continue reading

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Creating a World Without Judgement

Verses like Romans 14:13 remind us that we should not pass judgement on another.  These verses are often ripped out of context so that we all leave each other alone when it comes to issues of personal choice or discernment, … Continue reading

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Choosing the Right Hill to Die On

Growing up we had many debates about what music a Christian could listen to, what books they should read, and whether they should go to the movie theatre.  The superior Christians made sure that their standards of abstaining from music, … Continue reading

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