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Take Sin Seriously

The behaviors of Christians are similar to the behaviors of others.  We could blame the culture  for our loose morals, but we don’t really want to obey.  Being good takes all the fun out of life.  Also, because of the … Continue reading

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Be Patient

Patience is not required in a life that is going to plan.  Our plans often involve good things coming to us with speed.  However, patience itself is a virtue.  It is a good.  In our consumer world we often forget that … Continue reading

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Learn to Rest

Kelli wrote: Learn to rest. Though this could fall under “foster good habits,” for me, it deserves its own point. I am terrible at it. And I can trace this trouble back to my twenties—when I was single and lonesome … Continue reading

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Foster Good Habits

I am generally in the habit of not drinking caffeine.  So when I went by McDonald’s because the family was thirsty at 10:30 last night, I was shocked to find that I was drinking a caffeinated drink that I had … Continue reading

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Feed Yourself

America has a reputation for feeding itself well.  Perhaps, though, we should emphasize the need for nourishment, not just ingestion.  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention 78.6 million Americans are obese.  That is more people than the … Continue reading

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Choose Your Community Carefully

On my Facebook page I recently posted: When my friends pop up next to my wall I see lots of rainbows. I am happy about the diversity in my friends list. I am glad when people of diverse opinions are … Continue reading