Monthly Archives: January 2007

The Children of Men

So imagine if the whole world shared your problem.  For my wife and me, this would mean that the whole world would be infertile.  The movie The Children of Men shows what the world would be like after 19 years … Continue reading


True Witnessing

What is a witness?  We talk about witnessing in Christian circles a lot of the time, but we have created something of a monster in our attempts at living out the great commission of Matthew 28.Isn’t a witness someone who … Continue reading


The Most Essential Filing Cabinet in the World!

I think of good Bible teaching as building a reference system.  The Bible is studied systematically and in its entirety from the cradle to the grave.  It forms a filing cabinet of all the scenarios that God deals with and … Continue reading


Bible: The Need For Reform

It seems like we don’t value the Bible much in Christian practice.  It’s lost its place as the source of what we do and become a reference book that we refer to when we’re done.  Our Bible curriculum in schools … Continue reading


Child Sacrifice

As an objection to Christian education, I hear that parents want their children to be salt and light in the public schools.  In Matthew 5 Jesus tells his audience to be involved in the world so that the salt and … Continue reading