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Twentysomething Reforms

  Many twentysomethings who love Jesus don’t like His church. Their complaints are varied. Some say the worship is dry. Some say the theology is wish-washy. Still others decry the lack of strong leadership. And so, we know, they are … Continue reading

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Preparing to Preach on Genesis 40 (Hour 5)

I am reading various accounts of what a cupbearer and a baker are. Here are two of the better definitions:   CUPBEARER (מַשְׁקֶה).—An officer of considerable importance at Oriental courts, whose duty it was to serve the wine at the … Continue reading

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Removing Obstructions to Unity with God and Each Other

Knowing God, for me, has not been a constant experience.  I have not always been close to God.  I have not always felt the presence of God in the same way every day.  When I was very young I remember … Continue reading

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