Monthly Archives: November 2006

A Nativity Story

The following editorial was published in the Chicago tribune on November 29th.  John Kass explains that the reasons given for excluding advertising for The Nativity Story at the Christkindlmarket in Chicago:And lo, City Hall ordered the heralds to cry the … Continue reading


An Experiment in Grace

Shh!  Don’t tell my mother, but I am planning to use her in an experiment with students at Northwest Christian Academy in Lake Zurich, Illinois. She’s coming to Chicago from Plymouth, UK this Thursday and I’m very excited.  The experiment will involve working in … Continue reading


Buddhist Wisdom (Axiology)

Why Comcast chose a Buddhist Monk instead of a Christian Priest.Embracing the Core Values of ComcastOur company, reputation, and true success are founded on the following core values:Ethics – We will be true to the highest standards of honesty, fairness, … Continue reading


Finding the Truth in a World of Interpretation (Epistemology)

I know that a lot of people in Christendom are careful about what they read.  I am, too.  I don’t pick up a copy of Playboy each week to understand how Hugh Hefner is influencing the world for Hedonism.  I … Continue reading


What the &#@!? (Values)

I think the Smiths covered a song by Cilla Black about work being a four letter word:Loving you is driving me crazy People say that you were born lazy‘Cause you say that Work Is A Four-Letter Word My Dad used to forbid the … Continue reading


Coke Induced Reality (Ontology)

I believe that the shift from Coke-the real thing to Coke-make it real was a significant commentary on the shift in our culture from modernism to post-modernism. As the following press-release illustrates, a diverse cross-section of coca-cola consumers show that a … Continue reading