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Zombies at Moody (Axiology)

There are times when I have been shocked by how hard Americans push themselves.  Slow down!  Where did ‘Blessed are the busy’ come from?  I see in people here a drive to do everything that is humanly possible in a twenty-four hour … Continue reading


My Response to Grayling (Epistemology/Axiology)

Response to ‘Religions don’t deserve special treatment’ by AC Grayling (A link to his article is provided below) It is agreed that in our postmodern societies all truth claims are presented as equally valid, including the naturalism that AC Grayling espouses.  I … Continue reading


A Note on Professed and Controlling Beliefs

In Teaching Redemptively, Graham points out that we have two kinds of beliefs.  He calls them controlling beliefs and professed beliefs.  Christians in modern America will check off a list of beliefs that conform to Christian ideals but not live … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins’ Affect (Naturalism)

Above:  Professor A.C. Grayling who writes a tyrade against faith in The Guardian’s Comment is Free section.In my class at Moody I assign groups different worldviews to research.  I have a naturalist group which includes Richard Dawkins.  One of the … Continue reading


Death (Axiology)I was beginning to think that Americans could only stomach comedies.  By comedy, I mean movies that end happily.  I know a number of people who hated The Breakup, with Vince Vaughan and Jennifer Aniston just because people can’t … Continue reading


Skull (Anthropology)

“No-one could live as though death did not exist.  Like others from his time, Donne kept a skull on his desk as a reminder, memento mori.”  (Philip Yancey, Soul Survivor)I was once a Goth.  I think that those who know … Continue reading


The Conclusion of What Follows

A Holistic ConclusionChristian educators have a duty to study natural and special revelation.  They must seek to show the connections that exist between God, all knowledge and all wisdom.  The important distinction I would make is that the world is … Continue reading


F&L a Brief Overview

Bringing together Our Faith and Our Learning  The Ontological PerspectiveFrom an objective and eternal perspective no division can ever occur between theology and other disciplines in the academy.  Everything is theological.  And, as Anselm says, “Theology is faith seeking understanding.”  … Continue reading


Respect for Islam

My wife and I went to a local French restaurant last night.  We sat down at a lavish table, and had fresh hot rolls handed to us by a waiter each time we asked for one.  I ordered a crab … Continue reading


A Chapel at NCA and the Day that Followed

 Josh 5:13-1413 Now it came about when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, a man was standing opposite him with his sword drawn in his hand, and Joshua went to him and … Continue reading

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