Speech Made to Parents and Faculty of Northwest Christian Academy, Lake Zurich, Illinois


All truth is God’s truth!  All truth in the Bible belongs to Him.  All truth in English belongs to him.  All of truth in mathematics belongs to him.  Without God, there is no truth.  Outside of God there is nothing.  New breakthroughs in science do not surprise God.  He was the author of truth in eternity, man takes time to discover what God already knows.  The best teaching methods are already known to God, and so we stay current to figure them out.  God is the beginning of Education.  God is at its core.  In a world that forgets God, we remember.  In a world that extinguishes prayer, we light a lamp and set it on a hill.


I congratulate you on choosing the best for your kids.  I am proud to be part of the vision that has moved south from Wauconda to Lake Zurich.  A vision that restores God to his rightful place.  A vision of education that sees God in art, science, literature.  A vision of education where teachers live by the Bible and teach its insights in all subjects.  A vision of community exists here where everyone has dignity rooted in the image of God.  A vision of community exists here where love is clearly defined and lived out as God has taught us.  A vision of community exists where parents are respected, teachers are honoured and children are cared for, prayed for. 


You have made sacrifices to put your children in our care.  We promise you the best education that we can give.  Some people see Harvard as one of the great schools of the world.  Harvard was indeed founded on sound principles. In 1643 the founders of Harvard wrote:


            “Let every student be plainly instructed, and earnestly pressed, to consider well that the maine end of his life and studies is to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternall life, Jn. 17:3, and therefore to lay Christ in the bottome, as the only foundation of all sound knowledge and learning.”


We reclaim the insight that those great educators had.  True education is only possible in a Christian context.  We build on the Truth and the truth is founded in God.  Character, citizenship, curriculum, Christlikeness all intertwine to form a complete education.  Do not worry as to whether Christ will be welcomed into the classroom.  We see that he is already there.  He waits and welcomes us into all truth.  We move expectantly into this year with reason to believe it will be the best year that NCA has seen.

About Plymothian

I teach at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. My interests include education, biblical studies, and spiritual formation. I have been married to Kelli since 1998 and we have two children, Daryl and Amelia. For recreation I like to run, play soccer, play board games, read and travel.
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2 Responses to Speech Made to Parents and Faculty of Northwest Christian Academy, Lake Zurich, Illinois

  1. SushiPSochi says:

    its intresting to have seen this on xanga. I plan on reading more about it later tho. I hope Your day has been good. And if it hasn’t i surely hope that the next will be better.Sushi

  2. Silverhand23 says:

    Plymouthian, I love the thoughts! It is the joy of every educator to see their students following the Master! When the light of revelation hits you can’t help but think you are a part of something bigger than yourself. It is the key to successful Christian ed. that God be the center. He must shape us and we don’t shape him to our own ideas. Also, don’t forget the key to successful teaching in the middle school is to be more weird than they are. Got to keep them on their toes! 🙂 Hey, it was great to read some thoughts from a fellow teacher. See you at the Onion!Silverhand23

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