Genesis 3: 8-24

It is such a relief that sin no longer exists.  At least it doesn’t exist for the majority.  Every now and then sin will rear its head on a dessert menu, but that is about all.  Evil also is a religious term that we do not need.  When Bush created an ‘Axis of Evil’ it was just another sign that he was out of touch.  Of course, we can still make mistakes as results of poor choices, but that doesn’t really constitute anything warranting the name ‘sin’ or ‘evil’.  Without sin in view, we don’t really need salvation from anything.  The good news has been repackaged so that it adds to our already acceptable lives.  Without sin we should all feel a lot better about ourselves and that is wonderful … isn’t it?

Genesis 3: 8-24

 8And they heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool<SUP class=footnote value='[a]’>[a] of the day, and the man and his wife<SUP class=xref value='(A)’>(A) hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God among the trees of the garden. 9But the LORD God called to the man and said to him, “Where are you?”<SUP class=footnote value='[b]’>[b] 10And he said, “I heard the sound of you in the garden, and I was afraid,<SUP class=xref value='(B)’>(B) because I was naked, and I hid myself.” 11He said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten of the tree of which I commanded you not to eat?” 12The man said,<SUP class=xref value='(C)’>(C) “The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit of the tree, and I ate.” 13Then the LORD God said to the woman, “What is this that you have done?” The woman said,<SUP class=xref value='(D)’>(D) “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.”

 14The LORD God said to the serpent,

   “Because you have done this,
   cursed are you above all livestock
   and above all beasts of the field;
on your belly you shall go,
   and<SUP class=xref value='(E)’>(E) dust you shall eat
   all the days of your life.
15I will put enmity between you and the woman,
   and between your offspring<SUP class=footnote value='[c]’>[c] and<SUP class=xref value='(F)’>(F) her offspring;
<SUP class=xref value='(G)’>(G) he shall bruise your head,
   and you shall bruise his heel.”

 16To the woman he said,

   “I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing;
   <SUP class=xref value='(H)’>(H) in pain you shall bring forth children.
<SUP class=xref value='(I)’>(I) Your desire shall be for<SUP class=footnote value='[d]’>[d] your husband,
   and he shall<SUP class=xref value='(J)’>(J) rule over you.”

 17And to Adam he said,

   “Because you have listened to the voice of your wife
   and have eaten of the tree
<SUP class=xref value='(K)’>(K) of which I commanded you,
   ‘You shall not eat of it,’
<SUP class=xref value='(L)’>(L) cursed is the ground because of you;
   <SUP class=xref value='(M)’>(M) in pain you shall eat of it all the days of your life;
18thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you;
   and you shall eat the plants of the field.
19By the sweat of your face
   you shall eat bread,
till you return to the ground,
   for out of it you were taken;
<SUP class=xref value='(N)’>(N) for you are dust,
   and<SUP class=xref value='(O)’>(O) to dust you shall return.”

 20The man called his wife’s name Eve, because she was the mother of all living.<SUP class=footnote value='[e]’>[e] 21And the LORD God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them.

 22Then the LORD God said,<SUP class=xref value='(P)’>(P) “Behold, the man has become like one of us in knowing good and evil. Now, lest he reach out his hand<SUP class=xref value='(Q)’>(Q) and take also of the tree of life and eat, and live forever—” 23therefore the LORD God sent him out from the garden of Eden<SUP class=xref value='(R)’>(R) to work the ground from which he was taken. 24He drove out the man, and at the east of the garden of Eden he placed the<SUP class=xref value='(S)’>(S) cherubim and a flaming sword that turned every way to guard the way to the tree of life.


  1. What did the man and his wife hear?
  2. How does the man answer the question, “Have you eaten from teh tree that I commanded you not to eat from?”
  3. How does the woman respond when asked, “What is this you have done?”
  4. What does God do for Adam and his wife in verse 21?
  5. How has general sin, natural sin, and personal sin affected you?  How has God been gracious?

Going Deeper


  • What was God doing in the garden in the cool of the day?
  • What was God’s first question?
  • What two things are cursed?
  • What action describes the relationship between the serpent’s offspring and the woman’s?
  • What will increase for the woman?


  • Did God take a daily stroll in human form with the first humans?
  • Why would an omniscient God ask, “Where are you?”
  • Why are the ground and serpent cursed and the man and woman shown grace?
  • If crush and strike come from the same root, how does this challenge the popular interpretation that Genesis 3:15 foreshadows Christ’s death on the cross?
  • If the childbearing pains are mainly emotional, what is your view of the woman’s plight?


  • Do you walk with God in a conversational fellowship?
  • If God asks, “Where are you?”  what is your reply?
  • Who have you blamed?  Why?  What does it achieve?
  • When you suffer do you become blind to God’s grace?
  • How can women still generally be ruled by men because of their strong desire for family?

About Plymothian

I teach at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. My interests include education, biblical studies, and spiritual formation. I have been married to Kelli since 1998 and we have two children, Daryl and Amelia. For recreation I like to run, play soccer, play board games, read and travel.
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