The word ‘worldview’ gets thrown around a lot.  What is it?  It’s a term that refers to the set of core beliefs that control a person’s actions.  The beliefs that control us are sometimes different from the beliefs that we say we believe.  The worldview of a person is seen through their actions more clearly than through their speech.

What beliefs do your actions show you believe?  If you say you believe in God, what kind of God are you showing today’s children as they grow up?  What values are you communicating?  Where does your knowledge come from?  What do you believe is real?  What do you think about mankind?  How can I see what you believe? 

Everyone has a worldview.  Everyone teaches their worldview.  What are the children in your life learning?

About Plymothian

I teach at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. My interests include education, biblical studies, and spiritual formation. I have been married to Kelli since 1998 and we have two children, Daryl and Amelia. For recreation I like to run, play soccer, play board games, read and travel.
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10 Responses to Worldview

  1. rookie1987 says:

    nice pics. The odd thing is that a lot of people claim one worldview verbally but their actions denote another. I sometimes wonder if they even realize that what they say does not match what they do. Belief in God comes in so many different ways. A lot of times we show God as a god. Meaning we have changed who God is to who we see god to be. I do like those questions because they make you think about what you do and realize that it effects others as well. This is especially important to remember in regards to children. I like to work with Jr. High age because they are trying to find who they are and are developing their own worldview apart from their parents at this point in time of their life. It is a time where they are more open then later on where they become more set in their ways. I enjoy helping them to answer the questions that go through their minds at this age if possible. God has given me an age group I enjoy working with and the tools to do so. May my worldview be what it should be is my prayer.
    Salt and Light

  2. emmajars says:

    How should it be?Ideally (key word) everyone comes in to work hard as a team to produce a quality produce and together we’d excel and do well. I watch my dad do business for years and this was his focus; he always lifted those around him up and he did well. I suppose though that I didn’t hear all the crap my dad had to deal with…..So I’m an idealist but things could be better.P.S. I like that you ask questions…nice post.

  3. hard to say how good this book is.  He came by our church to promote this book several months back.  I really like Phillip Yancey and make it a point to read and re-read his books, and also listen to them (I have several of his books on CD which I rip to my Ipod).  I’m about half way done with this one and re-reading Jesus I never Knew.

  4. Heshewethree says:

    Yikes! That pic…whoa! It’s an interesting thought though…what are we teaching our kids. I gotta ponder that one. Peace.

  5. It’s ironic for me that you asked this question. I have been thinking about it alot lately. For example, I was walking down State St. with a hoodie on that had a Bible verse on the back of it. As I walked by some of the men who were begging, I found myself twisting my body around so that they couldn’t see what was on my hoodie. When I got back to the dorm, I had to think about this one. I have a certian worldview, and I am conscious of it being on display at all times, but concerning this specific instance, I did nothing to prove that I ACTUALLY agreed with prooving my faith by my deeds. At that specific time, I was not in the position to do much more than talk with those on the street, as I had no money on me, but that didn’t matter. No one else knew that fact. They just saw someone who is apparently Christian (i.e. supposed to be generous) NOT do anything to help the less fortunate. With that in mind, it can be difficult to “indirectly teach” your Christian worldview when you simply cannot help everyone in the city. Sure, I can bring food to a few of those who are hungary, or spend time talking with a few people here and there, but there will inevitably be a time where my “walk” will appear to differ from my “talk”. Solution? Don’t wear Christian stuff in public…haha But seriously, if it means unfaithfully representing the Name of Christ for even a second, wearing the clothing and sporting the bumper stickers IS NOT WORTH IT!Asa

  6. The hard part for me is that I know what a Christian worldview is but with so much time being surrounded by different worldviews getting pounded into our heads by unbelieving family members, teachers, media, friends, etc. its difficult not to let these other views creep into our thoughts and then into our actions.For example, I know that as a Christian I should not focus on success and wealth…guess what? It snuck up on me and for seven years that was my focus – and I was doing pretty well. Was I living for happiness and success or for God? What were my actions saying to those around me – the youth I was working with?I share my story for God’s glory, not mine. He showed me that I wasn’t living out the Christian worldview. To the surprise of my family and co-workers, my husband and I left our jobs and our comfy home and moved half way across the country to prove what was really important to us. We moved into a small place and began full-time studies at Moody, preparing to serve Christ full-time. The coolest part is the example shown to the kids in our youth group that we led. Finally they were seeing the walk to match the talk. We are Christians and desire to think and act according to God’s truth. Unfortunately there are other “loud” worldviews that distract us.

  7. sammuel says:

    a small world after all…

  8. The word ‘world view’ gets thrown around a lot. What is it? It’s a term that refers to the set of core beliefs that control a person’s actions. The beliefs that control us are sometimes different from the beliefs that we say we believe. The world view of a person is seen through their actions more clearly than through their speech.What beliefs do your actions show you believe? If you say you believe in God, what kind of God are you showing today’s children as they grow up? What values are you communicating? Where does your knowledge come from? What do you believe is real? What do you think about mankind? How can I see what you believe? Everyone has a world view. Everyone teaches their world view. What are the children in your life learning?I believe in the Trinity: God, Christ, and The Holy (three individually and yet all one also at the same time). This was a thought provoking question. I look at my day yesterday and I wonder how my life and light for God shined while I was working. I think a lot of time we can get so busy rushing from one thing to the next that we tend to not always think about God during every moment of our lives. I am not currently working or really volunteering with kids or teens right now so I am interacting with them very little right now. However, when I am at home I have a nephew who is younger, to cousins who are also under 10, and a cousin who just turned 13. I try to hang out with them as often as I can when I am home to spend time with them. I was hoping to talk to the 13 year old more about his relationship with Christ last time I was home, but he was busy with some friends, and we never got the chance to hang out.I am not 100% sure what the 13 year old believes about his relationship with Christ or when he accepted Christ. I know that the three that are under 10 know that there is a God, but they aren’t growing up in where either of their parents have accepted Christ, so they only hear about God when they are with their grandparents or aunt/uncle. I tend not to talk to them a huge bit about God because the family that I grew up in never did very much, even though my parents believed. I am working on talking to all four of them more now because they are all so sweet and need Jesus’ love in their lives and they need to accept Him to live a life for Him and to find happiness, hope.I am going to work on taking a Child Evangelist Class this summer to work on taking the gospel down to children under ten. I can talk to teens fine, but I do not know how to take the gospel message down to someone who is little b/c I am not sure how to word it to their level of thinking.I am working on growing in my relationship with Christ daily: learning His word inside and out so I can talk about all the stories from memory in case I do not have my bible with me anywhere I go and need it. I am trying to learn how each story connects to my life and others b/c it is living and breathing. I believe that my knowledge comes from learning God’s word in the Bible and trying to apply it to every area of my life especially my thinking, words, and actions. I believe that the world needs Jesus:both little kids and adults need Christ at the center of their lives to find happiness. Like Solomon I have tried many worldly things but nothing fulfills long term accept for Christ. Everything else will end up leaving you empty and there will be a deep void/hole that can’t be fulfilled and give you happiness/completeness until you accept Christ into your life.I am working on being a strong witness to everyone that I see daily preparing myself to be like Christ. I want, desire, and need to know His word as completely as I can comprehend.

  9. Thefroo says:

    The chidlren in my life are learning how God really works. I have a 5 year old half brother and also a 4 year old niece. I want to show them that Jesus is the most important thing in the world and more. One way that I showed that to them is I went to Sri Lanka last summer. I got home and found out that my 4 year old Niece Lilly was telling everyone that her uncle was in another country telling them about Jesus. I thought that was so cool. It also raised a question in my mind however. Why does it sometimes take a 4 year old to be the boldest out of all of us? Why is it so hard for us to talk about Jesus but a 4 year old talks about Him so easily and with out fear? I guess the answer to that is because we have experienced a backlash when we talk about God and what He did for us. How sad that that has stopped us. Sometimes it takes a worldview from a 4 year old to get back on track. I guess thats why Jesus told us to have a faith like a child. My niece is learning that Mankind is dark and unfortanately for the most part her fearlessness is shrinking with her further knowledge of Mankind. I am trying to show her that we have no reason to be afraid but its tough for me as well because I have been hurt by those who I try to share with. I’m trying to show her Jesus’ world view instead of the world view.

  10. Elijah1313 says:

    It made me think when you posed the question “What type of God are you showing today’s children ?” I have a nephew who is 3 and it is amazing how much he absorbs in his little mind. He remembers a little joke we used to do from when he was like a year and a half old. And I think, if he can remember such minuet details like a joke, what else is he remembering from me? Have no father in his life and a mother who struggles to give him the attention he needs, what type of God is he shown everyday? When he sleeps over at our house on some weekends, does he see a difference from the way my husband and I talk, and more so, engage with God? Although he comes from a home that essentially holds the same ideals about God, does he notice a difference in how we handle the nitty gritty things that life throws at us when we are not expecting it? Does he notice how we handle our anger when he breaks something or writes on our wall? The answer is a humbling yes…and I can only pray that he sees something different…something Godly in us.

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