The Children of Men

Clive Owen and Clare-Hope Ashitey in Universal Pictures' Children of Men

So imagine if the whole world shared your problem.  For my wife and me, this would mean that the whole world would be infertile.  The movie The Children of Men shows what the world would be like after 19 years of no new human life.  As an educator, the scene that took place in the elementary (primary) school was rather haunting.  No laughter there!  No joy!  I love children, even though God has not granted my wife and me the child we desire.

However, the people living in that darkness saw a great light.  A child was born as a symbol of hope into a corrupt world.  Oh, and what a corrupt world!  What a world of depravity!  In the movie, pollution has continued unabated and poisoned cities and countries.  Global terror has pushed nations into chaos and disorder.  Britain is forced into a repressive mode of deportation.  Inexplicably children had stopped being born, some saw it as the judgement of God, others saw it as a natural cycle. 

Some people who are affiliated to a Christian screen writing group contact my wife regularly.  One of them commented that this was a better story of Christ’s birth than The Nativity.  What do you think?  Did you see the religious themes?  Did you see the tension in the characters between faith and reason?

Do you think a movie like The Children of Men can be an agent of God’s grace?


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I teach at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. My interests include education, biblical studies, and spiritual formation. I have been married to Kelli since 1998 and we have two children, Daryl and Amelia. For recreation I like to run, play soccer, play board games, read and travel.
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8 Responses to The Children of Men

  1. hrlmercygirl says:

    While I have not seen “The Children of Men”, I think that God can use any agent to communicate His grace. In my life, it was the final scene of “A Beautiful Mind” that God used to actually set me free from the bondage of sin and lies I’d lived in for so long. I think that, when combined with God’s special revelation of His word, human creativity in the media is certainly a way our very CREATIVE God can communicate His grace and truth to us here on earth.

  2. rookie1987 says:

    I could see how this could tie into the story of Christ. But to your first thought I really don’t want to imagine what the world would be like if it had my problem. Back to “The Children of Men” I can see how there are strong parallels to the story of Christ’s birth. There are many things where that don’t have to be from God directly to be inspiring. I mean in the Bible there are a few places where they quote poets or writers who were not prophets at all. Look at the book of Proverbs for a good example of this. What it all comes down to is that there is good in everything. Now this sounds close to some view I don’t remember the name of but it is not that. Everything is under the domain of God and any of it can be used to get our attention. God can do whatever he wants and use whatever he wants to get our attention or hammer a point home. God is not limited by how he can show us grace so easily a movie like “The Children of Men” can be used for God to show us grace. I think in anyone’s life if they stop and think about it there are many different ways that God has used something like this or any random thing to show us his love. I know I’ve found God saying he loves me by a little butterfly that was interacting with me. Some of the smallest things can touch our lives so much. A friend and I talk about how it is the little joys in life that make life interesting. To me those little joys are small reminders of God’s love, grace, and mercy. God is truely amazing in what he uses to touch my life and I’m betting the same it true for anyone who reads this.
    Salt and Light

  3. Well, the fact that you’re even thinking about the possibility of this movie being an agent of God’s grace (in a way that particularly reaches to yourself and your wife) says that this movie WAS an agent of grace. The very God who gave you your faith and reason knew you would have the mental capacity and life circumstances to maybe see a glimpse of grace. As a matter of fact, the pursuit of a Christian while on this sojourn, should be to think upon their divine dad in any way possible. Since the best we can do is use finite human words to describe God (via analogies), it would serve use well to look for fresh ways to describe God (e.g. in a movie)As far as this movie being better than the Nativity (I have seen neither, so I’m going off of how you described it, and what I’ve heard), the child born in “Children of Men” was one that the entire world saw and recognized as great. The Nativity, while the focus and main theme was obviously the Incarnation of Christ, presented the picture that the Messiah came and was known by very few. On the other hand, speaking of the spiritual realm, “The Children of Men” was probably a good picture of all creation focusing their attention on the Lamb who brings hope to a dying world.Asa

  4. Heshewethree says:

    I was sorry to hear that you and your wife have not been blessed with a child. However, God has a purpose in all things. I have not seen this film, but I think I’ve already made my point. I’ve seen spiritual themes in places one would not think it would be, so I’m actually not surprized at the idea. Peace.

  5. Jason4Christ says:

    If the entire world had my problem. Hmmmmm… that would be an interesting world. If everyone was like me, had my same likes and dislikes, my same hates, loves and fears… it would be a boring place. Some of the greatest joys and greatest challenges and pain come out of our differences. I am almost sickened at the thought of a world where everyone was just like me. I did see the movie, “The Children of Men”. I am almost ashamed to say that I did not see the Christian symbolism in the “Children of Men”. What me and my two buddies did pick out was the very bleak painting of a world without hope. We were then caused to reflect on the blessings of being with hope. Talking about the movie we really felt that the movie showed what the world is like when it has no hope-that’s the world we live in except that the extinction of mankind is not on the verge of realization. What that movie painted was a world where people actually realized how meaningless life is without… a continued reason to live… interesting how the human existence seems to be the only reason to live in a humanistic mindset. On the other hand we have hope because we know that after life… after this world comes to an end that there is something more. That there is a greater Mind, a bigger hand and that there is (more importantly, perhaps) a reason behind this all. Yet the only thing we seem to emphasize is that life beyond the grave. Yet life itself is no good reason to live, it would be like saying that the end all of cutting down trees is to make axes to cut down trees, which is circular reasoning at best. laterz::.. Jason

  6. I can’t even image what the world would be like if they had my problems and I am glad that everyone can’t for I have hypoglycemia and I constantly have to watch what I eat and then also eat six meals a day so I don’t faint or go into a blood sugar attack. My other main problem is that I am allergic to everything: medicines, grass, trees, dyes, dust mites, animals, etc…so I have Sinus infections and rashes all the time, fun, fun! I know that everyone had problems and I am sure that we all wish they weren’t there, but I know that we can learn a lot from them and also be blessed because of the problems. Due to my low blood sugar and allergies I have been able to talk to other people like me that I probably normally wouldn’t have been able to and also share Christ with them. Though I have not seen this movie I know that God uses everything to shower blessings and to bring people to Him through His Holy Spirit. Even if what we are watching isn’t a Christian film or show God can teach us areas in our lives that we need to improve on or to just completely change altogether. Though I don’t always like the problems that I face God can use them to bring glory and that is what I pray for…for my weaknesses to be used for His glory and to further His kingdom!

  7. Thefroo says:

    Well I believe that God can use any “agent” to communicate grace. God really does work in mysterious ways and who are we to try and analyze that. I’m not going to lie and say that everything is great in my life because its not. But I do know that there are a lot of people worse off then I am and it would be worse to have their problems then mine. God has blessed me and I know that I have problems just like everyone else but when I really think about it all the problems in my life are nothing compared to what God sent His one and only Son to do on the cross for me. Because of this anything that God’s punishes me with or doesn’t let me have or anything that I may look at as negative or depressing I know that God’s grace through His Son is so much more than all of that. God’s grace really is sufficient enough for me and covers all the “problems” that I see in my life.Gods fool,Justin

  8. alexgoreham says:

    I don’t think that this movie should be compared to the nativity scene. How ever, this movie does focus on the importance and miracle of life. I guess if there is only one child left on earth, they become more valued and abortion would provably be outlawed, IF this really happened. This movie does have Grace all though out it, but it also shows the depravity of man. I also like the fact that is an African American women who is the hero for this movie. I think the director was trying to send a message to the audience. ALEX GOREHAM

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