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Genesis 2: 4-25

Now that the heavens and the earth have been created as a temple for God to dwell in, what’s next?  God creates an inner sanctuary.  God creates a beautiful place, a garden, where he can dwell in a similar sense … Continue reading

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Genesis 2: 1-3

Is the word ‘rested’ the best translation?  What about ‘ceased’?  Whatever the meaning there is a break from the previous six days.  What we see is God has prepared his creation like a temple to be inhabited. Now he takes time to … Continue reading

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Genesis 1: 14-31

The purpose of the creation story is to show how God gives purpose to the world.  Mankind is given dignity and authority as God’s representative.  We are the captains of creation, its stewards, its managers.  We have responsibility in this.  … Continue reading

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