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Philippians 2

I reread Philippians 2.  I also attended The Chapel.  Scott preached the final sermon on Joy and next week we will be hearing a series from church history.  Scott’s website is

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Philippians 1

Today I read Philippians 1 again.  For questions on this chapter scroll to the apprpriate page.

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Favourable Report

I have been crushed by student evaluations before.  I have also been uplifted by the encouraging things that they have written.  What people think of us and say about us is frequently important to us.  Paul forms a bridge with … Continue reading

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Joy of Support

When we have difficult times isn’t it good to have someone to fall back upon?  The church is meant to be that kind of place.  We should have a small group that we can trust.  We should have a close … Continue reading

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Redemption of the Unworthy

I am born estranged from God.  I am a sinful enemy.  Matthew 7:11 even shows us that the general population is evil.  God looked on an evil transgressor and died for him.  In the last years we have become used … Continue reading

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Joyful Unity

Division among God’s people is rarely couched in joy.  My home church in England, Underwood, had a split when the younger members of the church split off and went to Chaddlewood.  The reasons for the split are not what I … Continue reading

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I have actually been more joyful since The Chapel started this series on joy.  It is not something that I focused on as much as love and peace.  It seems to revolve around where I focus my thoughts.  We were … Continue reading